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Real Life

In the shadows (

Why didn’t Jesus teach Sunday School or set up a non-profit healing ministry when he had the chance? What about cushioned pews and sanctuary-expansion projects? And where was Jesus when it came time to set an eternal foundation for the Church by writing out a set of focused doctrinal statements?

I’ll tell you where Jesus was. He was asleep on a boat. He was having his feet washed by a woman’s tears. He was stopping to heal a blind man on the side of the road and feasting with sinners. He was taking his own sweet time, making the trip to Bethany (where Lazarus lay sick and dying, dead). He was standing on shore, inquiring about the fish.

Jesus lived.

He was standing on shore, inquiring about the fish.


  1. Very short and sweet. I like the simple “epiphany” feel that this post has.

  2. ericmuhr

    Thank you, Shannon!

  3. David Shafer

    He was dealing with people, caring about them, loving them. Jesus showed us how we should love while living. Pastoral care summa cum laude.

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